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SMART info for Ubuntu = SmartMonTools + GSmartControl

To get SMART stats from your HDD on a Linux box,  you need to install smartmontools. Then enter sudo smartctl -a /dev/sda -d sat.  Here, the -a switch gives you all the info, and the -d sat is for device type ATA/SATA disk.

This MAN page will give you more info:
"sat[,auto][,N] - the device type is SCSI to ATA Translation (SAT). This is for ATA disks that have a SCSI to ATA Translation Layer (SATL) between the disk and the operating system. SAT defines two ATA PASS THROUGH SCSI commands, one 12 bytes long and the other 16 bytes long. The default is the 16 byte variant which can be overridden with either '-d sat,12' or '-d sat,16'.
If '-d sat,auto' is specified, device type SAT (for ATA/SATA disks) is only used if the SCSI INQUIRY data reports a SATL (VENDOR: "ATA "). Otherwise device type SCSI (for SCSI/SAS disks) is used."
To see this in a GUI, install GSmartControl, then go to options, and define your disk and the parameters as follows:

Now you will be able to see all the SMART info when selecting the disk in GSmartControl.

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