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July 31, 2018

Home Unifi network

UPDATE 17NOV2018: Increased wireless coverage for the garage with a wireless mesh uplink.

Small home Unifi network. Of course I could get higher end enterprise gear, but for the house it's just not needed when all that's happening is browsing and basic streaming. And the simplicity of management and setup is very nice with Unifi's controller software. This is in my study/closet in the basement. Ran cable through the walls and into the attic to mount the AC Lite AP directly in the center of the house. Using a PoE injector for the WAP, and using the switch's single PoE port to power the CloudKey. Just one WAP provides great coverage for the whole house. Running a small APC UPS, mainly for the Odroid NAS I built (build and pictures in my previous blog post), as well as the switch since it's powering the CloudKey and those don't do well with power loss. The UPS also cleans the incoming ethernet voltage from my ISP's modem that I put in transparent bridging mode, so no double NAT and my router gets to control the traffic/firewall.

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