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Unifi controller "Startup-up failed"

Tried installing the Unifi controller on a Pelco NVR server. Just so happens Pelco uses port 8880. And so does Unifi, for the portal redirect port for HTTP. Here's how you fix it:

  1. You need to kill whatever process is using the port. The reason for this is that in order to tell Unifi to use another port, you have to edit the config file that is created on the first startup of the controller. But when it can't start because of the in use port, no file is created, and thus no way to change it. Dumb. Anyways, to find the process, open cmd and run netstat -ano | find "8880" . To kill it, you could use a Powershell command (run as administrator) Stop-Process -ID 8660 -Force, but in my case this was a service running in the background that kept restarting. I had to go to service manager and stop VxToolbox.
  2. Start the Unifi controller to generate the file. Once started, shut it down. 
  3. Navigate to C:\Users\USERNAME\Ubiquiti UniFi\data and edit file. Uncomment the portal.http.port=8880 line, but change the number to something else. I changed it to 8881. Save the file and close it. Restart the original service that was in conflict, and then start the Unifi controller.

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