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FreePBX/Asterisk backup/restore

I have a lot of sequential content I'd like to publish in the Sangoma PBXact deployment tips series, but I thought I'd make an out of order, short post explaining FreePBX backups and restore. Pretty simple, but a couple things to note. First, the backup process is self explanatory. You'll want to customize to include all the things you want. I always just create my own and drop everything in it. Save. Run. Secondly, this is all going to change in FreePBX 15. Not only will you have more control over specific modules, but you'll be able to restore from different versions. Right now, I'm waiting on this very thing so I can move from 13 to 15, since the upgrade script broke when trying to go from 13 to 14.

Now, if you want to ever grab that file, you go to the "Restore" section and then select the file, and download. I generally do this on a semi annual basis, just in the event I have a complete storage failure, my new install and restore will be somewhat complete.

To restore, it's a little trickier, especially if it's a complete wipe and reinstall. You'll need WinSCP ( This will enable you to FTP files back and forth. The directory is /var/spool/asterisk/backup

To restore your file from another device, Open WinSCP and drop the tgz in the same directory as the others.
The key is for some reason, the GUI won't see it if it's inside /var/spool/asterisk/backup/<specific_folder>. put it in the parent directory:

Then, just head to the GUI, find the file, and hit restore. (or you can use the CLI)

Below is a screenshot of the directory of my custom backup, and I'm just downloading it via WinSCP instead of the GUI.

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