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Unifi doesn't have QoS, LLDP-MED or CoS

I'd like to touch on 2 separate topics relating to Ubiquiti products, but they seem to get confused on the interwebs:
  1. QoS vs. Smart Queues 
  2. LLDP-MED + CoS
IMHO, Smart Queues != QoS. The reason why is SQ is just generic traffic shaping based on CoDel. It only drops the fattest packets. It doesn't prioritize a specific type of traffic over others, which is what QoS is for.

Secondly, it appears that on the forums, people think LLDP-MED is some form of QoS. This is definitely not the case. Essentially LLDP-MED is merely a way to identify types of devices on a switchport and assign them a VLAN and DSCP values, among other things. Heck, even a known tech YouTuber made a video "trying" to explain Unifi QoS, but then starts talking about CoS and LLDP! Ridiculous, CoS != QoS. The latter is layer 3, the former layer 2. So CoS will not help any routed traffic on your WAN link, only switched locally. Then he makes a comment at the end about Unifi having QoS on par with Cisco. Again, ridiculous. He appeared to not even understand what he was saying as he fumbled with the EdgeOS backend commands, and muttering random comments as he read the running config claiming. "they've got things happening under the hood", whatever that means.

Moving on. So a major application for LLDP-MED is VoIP. See what happens in EdgeOS:
show auto-voip oui-table
Telephony OUI  Status         Description
-------------  ----------     -----------
00:01:E3       Default        SIEMENS
00:03:6B       Default        CISCO1
00:12:43       Default        CISCO2
00:0F:E2       Default        H3C
00:60:B9       Default        NITSUKO
00:D0:1E       Default        PINTEL
00:E0:75       Default        VERILINK
00:E0:BB       Default        3COM
00:04:0D       Default        AVAYA1
00:1B:4F       Default        AVAYA2
00:04:13       Default        SNOM

As you can see, a limited list. So here is how you add the prefix for the MAC address for Sangoma:
auto-voip oui 00:50:58 oui-desc Sangoma

However it doesn't stick after a reboot because of the controller overwrite so I think it's useless.

Finally, Ubiquiti has a CoS command, but again, it's only available in the EdgeSwitch, so it's still useless for Unifi.

So Unifi has no QoS, no LLDP-MED, and no CoS. There, I said it. Fight me. IHMO, Ubiquiti really needs to push all of their EdgeSwitch features into the Unifi controller and just have one product line, as well as implement actual QoS. But they need to do alot of things in their Unifi line. So whatever.

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