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Automatic, silent S3 bucket mount in Windows

A free and open source process setup using Rclone [1] to mount an S3 bucket  to Windows.

Install Rclone and it's dependency WinSFP:

choco install rclone

choco install winfsp

Configure Rclone and select appropriate options in the wizard (instructions are very simple and should not require me to explain them):

rclone config

Note, you will need an IAM user or EC2 instance profile with the correct S3 bucket permissions. Test your configuration with one of the below commands. You can mount to a folder or as a network drive:

rclone mount <rclone config name from wizard>:<s3 bucket name/folder> %userprofile%\<desired location or name of folder>


rclone mount <rclone config name from wizard>:<s3 bucket name/folder> E: --network-mode

If the config is correct, you will see the bucket mounted correctly and the Rclone service running. 

To make this automatic and silent, put the above command into a .cmd file, download the "Quiet" [2] .exe, and place both of them in the same folder. Create a scheduled task to run at login. Test that the task runs correctly. You can kill it by ending the Rclone service in the task manager. 

As a backup for the end user if the bucket becomes unmounted, create a shortcut to the name of the scheduled task you created and give it a appropriate icon.

This is the path for the shortcut --> C:\Windows\System32\schtasks.exe /run /tn "S3 Mount"




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